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In 2020 Hobsons Bay City Council launched a new online platform for managing infringements – GenexIMS.

One of the key benefits of the new platform was an integrated customer portal, that gave residents the ability to pay, view, appeal and manage their infringements online.

Since launching their new infringement management platform in 2020, Hobsons Bay City Council have seen a reduction in the volume of incoming requests and enquiries to their customer service team. Reporting shows a clear and growing shift to self-service, with residents taking up the opportunity to manage their fines themselves, and relieving the burden on Council administrative staff.

What HBCC says:

Prior to implementing the portal, people would submit appeals by completing paper forms or emailing us – it took time to manage the incoming enquiries manually, and was a slow and manual process for the team. More importantly it took longer for residents, who had to wait a few days before we could process their infringement payments, or respond to their enquiries or appeals. So many would just come in to council offices to talk to our service team.”

“Now if they submit an appeal and call us straight away, the system is updated automatically and we have all the information in front of us.”

Designed for Councils, GenexIMS is a flexible and intuitive Infringement Management System with a fully integrated customer portal. The GenexIMS customer portal gives infringement recipients the ability to not only pay their fines online, but also view fine details and photographs, appeal, nominate another person or request a payment extension if they choose to do so. The information is fed back into the system in real time, meaning requests are immediately visible to council staff. This results in a better customer experience for customers, and quicker resolution of fines for Council. A Win-Win!

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