Agile Pricing Capability

New Pricing & Offers in Minutes


Easily copy existing pricing packages and plans via the GENEX online console


Adjust pricing for specific customers, at the customer or product/service level

Built in Workflow

In-built workflow to ensure changes are approved prior to roll-out of new pricing


Unlimited number of pricing plans

Extensive Range of Charging Models

Pivot when the competitive landscape changes, tweak packages based on market information and test new pricing models to maximise revenue. The system will adjust all downstream processes and manage existing subscriptions without impacting your customers. The only limit is your creativity.

Usage Based Pricing

Charge based on actual usage by your customers, rather than 'one size fits all' pricing.

Tiered Pricing

Develop pricing tiers to suit your customer base.

Mark Up Pricing

Add a flat margin on top of supplier costs.

Pro-Rata Pricing

Automatically handle pro-rata calculations for mid-month sign-ups, plan changes or cancellations.

Once-Off or Recurring

Easily handle ongoing subscriptions versus once-off manual charges.

Discounts, Promotions and Bundles

Configure complex pricing packages, bundles and offers without any coding required.